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Wukong skill


Name Wukong
Gentle Male
Race Demon
Body 175cm/62.6kg
Birthday 9 Sept
ID Explorer Peerless One's
Hero cost 13888 coins/688 gems


first skill
Wukong summons a peach around himself every 15s. Every kill (2 peaches) or assist (1 peach) can also summon peaches, with a max of 5 peaches. Skill hits on enemy Heroes will consume peaches to enhance Wukong's skills and restore (+80% Phy. Bonus) HP

second skill
Eat This!
Deals 300(+100% Phy.Bonus)Phy. Damage to targets in a frontal area and slows them 30% for 2s. Hits will give you 1 peach.

third skill
Soaring Leap
Wukong tosses out his staff, then quickly shifts to its position to deal 250(+70% Phy.Bonus)Phy. Damage to enemies on the path.
Peach Enhance: If an enemy Hero is hit, Wukong shifts again a short distance according to the joystick's direction after taking his staff back, dealing equal Phy. Damage to targets at the end of the path.

ulti skill
Consumes 2 peaches to remove all debuffs on Wukong and grant a 30% MOV SPD Bonus. Wukong leaps forward and is hidden while leaping, and also spawns 3 decoys nearby to deal 180(+40% Phy. Bonus) Phy. Damage to targets on t he summoning path. Tapping the skill again (or waiting 3s) will recall the decoys, dealing 380(+100% Phy. Bonus) +4% of Lost HP Phy. Damage to targets on the path. (Every 100 extra Phy.ATK will increase this by 1%.) After a repeat hit, damage will be reduced to 35%.
Awaken: Wukong is invincible while hidden




Ability Effects





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