Marvel Super war Vision wiki


Marvel Super war Cull Obsidian
HERO Vision
ROLE Marksman
SPECIALTY Burst/Charge
COST 9999 coins/1199 crystals


Computational Power (passive)
Every 8 seconds, Vision’s next basic attack is enhanced, dealing physical damage to the target and its nearby units. This attack deals crits damage and every 1% crit rate increases 0.7% crit damage. The attack speed stat does not affect Vision’s basic attack speed but does increase Vision’s attack damage. Every 1% attack speed increases his attack damage by 0.2%.

Solar Beam
Vision unleashes a surge of power in front of him, dealing 30(+70% Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in its path and leaving energy tracks on the ground. After a short delay, the tracks explode again to deal 40 (+50% Physical Attack) physical damage. When the second phase of this ability hits enemy heroes, Vision restores 15 Force. If only minions are hit, the restoration effect is halved.

Solar Blast
Vision fires a solar blast in the specified direction, which marks the first enemy hero it hits, dealing 10 (+40% Physical Attack) physical damage. The mark lasts for 4 seconds. Vision’s basic attacks are able to detonate the mark to deal 60 (+70% Physical Attack) physical damage and slow the target by 20% for 1.5 seconds, at the same time restoring 4 Force every second for 2 seconds.

Density Manipulation
Vision changes his body density and becomes immune to all damage and control effects for 1.6 seconds. In this state he recovers 0 Power but cannot attack or use abilities. If Vision is in the Condensation state, he stops expending Force for as long as this ability effect lasts.  

Superpowered State
Passive: Vision recovers 1 Force per second. In the Superpowered state, Mind Beam and Power Bullet’s Force (???) recovery rate is increased by 50%.
Active: Vision can enter Superpowered state when his Force reaches its maximum, during which his basic attacks deal an extra 25 (+35% Bonus Physical Attack) true damage and his movement speed is increased by 6% for a max of 5 times. In this state, Vision expends 10 Force every second and the longer it continues, the more Force is expended.
Using this ability again while the ability is active deals 10 (+100% Physical Attack) physical damage to the specified enemy, at the same time reducing the cooldown of Mental Power’s special basic attacks by 7 seconds.




Ability Effects