Viru skill


Extraordinary Ones
Name Viru
Gentle Male
Race Immortal
Body 196cm/78.4kg
Birthday 1 Nov
ID ReV creator
Hero cost 288 gems


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Dragon Strike
When Viru damages the same enemy twice within a short time, "Natrix" will attack the same target and deal (up to 300 damage on jungle mobs) and slow it by 40% for 1s. Also recovers 3% of Max HP. This effect has a CD of 6s. If it hits an enemy when not under the effect of "Inferno", the CD of "Stealth" will decrease by 4s.

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Viru steps into a stealth that lasts a max of 1s. During stealth, Viru will gain {lv1}% Move Speed. He cannot be selected while this skill is active. The CD of Dragon Strike will be reset when he leaves stealth.

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Head Hunting
Deals {lv1} to the target and nearby units. Deals 50% more damage to mobs and leaves a mark on the main target.

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Abyssal Circle
Viru summons an inferno at target area. Enemy units in the inferno will be slowed by {lv1}% and take 20% more damage.  




Ability Effects



Cyan Finch