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Extraordinary Ones Twilight skill


Name Twilight
Gentle Female
Race Immortal
Body 160cm/40.7kg
Birthday 7 August
ID Meta High Chef Night Guard
Hero cost 9888 coins/488 gems


first skill
Butterfly Dance
Each time Twilight casts a skill, she will attract butterflies around her. Each sta ck of butterflies will recover 2% of lost HP. Max 3 stacks; lasts 10s. Twilight is Dawn's girlfriend. Targets hit by Twilight's skills can become targets for Dawn's "Ray of Sun".

second skill
Divine Water
Twilight throws a blue crystal bottle to the ground, lasting 5s. If it hits a team mate, it will heal them for 300(+40% Spell Bonus) HP and increase their next damage by 20%. If it hits Dawn, it will heal him an additional 150(+20% Spell Bonus) Mana. If the bottle does not hit any teammate, it will fall on the ground and follow the nearby allied hero with the lowest HP. A total of 3 unused Divine Waters can exist at the same time.

third skill
Star Fire
A meteor will bombard the target after a short delay, dealing 500(+60% Spell Bonus) SP Damage to nearby enemies and cause a 90% slow effect which diminishes over 0.5s.
Passive: For 5s, damage from the next meteor will be increased 20%.

ulti skill
Night Butterfly
Throws a Night Butterfly toward a selected direction (the butterfly ignores non-Hero units on its path, and follows Heroes), damaging the first Hero and near by enemies in a small area for 550.0(+100% Spell Bonus) SP Damage. Affected enemies will take 35.0% extra damage and be slowed by 50% for 2.5s.
Awaken: The Night Butterfly also reduces enemies' ATK and SP by 30%




Ability Effects




White Rabbit
Vanilla Parfait

Twilight Level 1 stat

Twilight Level 16 stat