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We may have a choice to resell our steam games

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Extraordinary ones Tudi skill


Photo of three cats
Name Tudi
Gentle Male
Race Human
Body 182cm/76.0kg
Birthday 25 Oct
ID Real estate businessman
Hero cost 288 gems
Extraordinary ones Tudi skill


Photo of three cats
Boss Chair
Tudi sits on his Boss Chair and . He will gain 15% Move Speed Bonus when he damages more than 30% of an enemy Hero's Max HP within 3s. This effect lasts 3s and has a CD of 5s

Photo of three cats
Tudi summons a bulldozer to deal {lv2} to enemies in a line and knock them back. When the bulldozer reaches a building built by himself, it will explode, dealing high and stunning enemies

Photo of three cats
Wrecking Ball
Tudi summons a wrecking ball to deal {lv1} to enemies in the area. When the wrecking ball reaches a building built by himself, it will explode, dealing high and knocking enemies away

Photo of three cats
Skyscraper From Above
Tudi builds a skyscraper at the target location as an obstacle, dealing {lv1} . Tapping the skill within 3s again can detonate the building and cause {lv2} .  
Extraordinary ones Tudi skill