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New KFC PC Games have been released

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We may have a choice to resell our steam games

French court have ruled that Steam users have the right to resell their games. The video game resale market has always been a source of contention, but

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The Difference Between
Pokemon Sword and Shield

The Difference Between Pokemon Sword and Shield

《Pokemon Sword and Shield》 have officially released on 15 Nov 2019, many of us may curious about what version should i buy and what is the difference between Pokemon Sword and Shield.Since many of us have same question, i did a table to differentiate the difference between these two version and its exclusive pokemon.

Marvel Super war Proxima Midnight wiki
《Pokemon Sword》 《Pokemon Shield》
Deino (Dark/Dragon) Larvitar (Rock/Ground)
Zweilous (Dark/Dragon) Pupitar (Rock/Ground)
Hydreigon (Dark/Dragon) Tyranitar (Rock/Ground)
Jangmo-o (Dragon) Solosis (Psychic)
Kommo-o (Dragon/Fighting) Duosion (Psychic)
Hakamo-o (Dragon/Fighting) Reuniclus (Psychic)
Farfetch’d (Normal/Flying) Goomy (Dragon)
Sirfetch’d (Fighting) Sliggo (Dragon)
Gothita (Psychic) Goodra (Dragon)
Gothorita (Psychic) Galarian Ponyta (Psychic)
Gothitelle (Psychic) Zamazenta (Legendary)
Turtonator (Fire/Dragon) Alli (Gym Leader (Ghost) )
Zacian (Legendary)
Bea (Gym Leader (Rock) )