Marvel Super war Storm wiki


Marvel Super war Storm
HERO Storm
CHARACTER Droro Munroe
ROLE Energy
SPECIALTY Burst/Charge
COST 18888 coins/488 crystals




Ability Effects



Storm skill
Wind Shield (passive)
Storm will receive a Wind Shield after avoiding damage from a hero for 20 seconds. The Wind Shield will protect her from the damage from one enemy hero ability and boost her movement speed by 10% for as long as it remains.

Chain Lightning
Storm unleashes chain lightning on the specified enemy, which ricochet onwards to other nearby enemies after 0.75 seconds, dealing 100 (+55% Energy Attack) energy damage. The lightning can be transmitted up to 3 times and will only deal damage to the same target once.

Storm fires off cyclone in the specified direction, dealing 60 (+40% Energy Attack) energy damage to non-hero units in its path as it gradually disperses. The cyclone will rapidly dissipate upon hitting an enemy hero or traveling a long distance, dealing 100 (+55% Energy Attack) energy damage and a 1-second stun to nearby enemies.

Eye of the Storm
Storm summons a bolt of lightning at the specified location, dealing 85 (+30% Energy Attack) energy damage and a 1.5-second slow of 50% to nearby enemies. The bolt’s energy will diffuse outwards in an X-shape from the point of impact after 0.6 seconds, dealing further 60 (+20% Energy Attack) energy damage to nearby enemies. Its damage will be more severe the greater the percentage of HP already lost by the target, up to 3x.
This ability will have no cooldown at all if it manages to K.O. an enemy hero.