Extraordinary ones Spidy skill


Photo of three cats
Name Spidy
Gentle Female
Race Demon
Body 177cm/52.4kg
Birthday 11 Dec
ID Gangster's daughter
Hero cost 288 gems
Extraordinary ones Spidy skill


Photo of three cats
Spider Queen
Spidy gains a shield every 30s that reduces the next damage taken by 75% and ignores the control effect.

Photo of three cats
Sacrificing Spider
Spidy summons her spider minions to charge toward enemies and explode, dealing {lv1} to the target and nearby units plus equal to . This skill can be stored once every 6s. . A max of 4 minions can be stored.

Photo of three cats
Explosive Web
Spidy throws a ball of spider webs toward a selected direction. The ball will explode when it hits an enemy, dealing {lv1} to surrounding enemies and stunning them for 1s.  

Photo of three cats
Web Trap
Spidy summons a huge spider web at the target area for 5s. Enemies within the web will take {lv1} every 0.7s and be slowed by 30%.  
Extraordinary ones Spidy skill