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Sirin skill


Name Sirin
Gentle Female
Race Members
Body 163cm/47kg
Birthday 27 Feb
ID Student at Meta High School
Hero cost 9888 coins/488 gems


first skill
Sirin's sword is very fast. Each round of her fencing moves consists of three normal attacks; within each round, the interval between each of the three attacks is very short. There is a fixed 1s interval between each round of fencing moves. Her normal attacks only take 40% of Phy. ATK Bonus; ATK Speed cannot reduce the attack intervals. However, every 1% ATK Speed will increase Sirin's ATK by 2. Every time Sirin completes three rounds of fencing moves (or by using skills), her Concentration Level will increase, up to Lv.3. Concentration Level increases the Phy. Damage dealt by Sirin's skills and normal attacks by (+10% Extra Phy.bonus)/(+20% Extra Phy.bonus)/(+40% Extra Phy.bonus)

second skill
Battle Alert
Sirin is wary of potential attacks, interrupts her current action and moves back some distance. While moving back, she becomes invulnerable. Her Concentration Level increases by 1. Her next normal attack within 5s will become enhanced, dashing forward and causing additional 200(+50% Extra Phy.Bonus)Phy. Damage.

third skill
Spike of Frost
Sirin charges forward and stops after reaching the max distance or hitting an enemy. She will then jab three times with her sword, and each jab will deal 200(+80% Extra Phy.Bonus)Phy.Damage and reduce Move Speed by 33% (can stack). Enemies hit by all three jabs will be frozen for 1s. If you successfully freeze any enemy, Concentration Level will be increased by 1.

ulti skill
Ice Dance
Sirin performs a gorgeous Sword Dance, jabs forward 6 times, dealing 140(+50% Extra Phy.Bonus)Phy.Damage on each hit and finishing off with a final blow that deals 300(+120% Extra Phy.Bonus)Phy. Damage. Each enemy hit by the final blow will increase Concentration Level by 1.
Awaken: Increases the attack range of the Sword Dance.




Ability Effects




Darkthorn Knight

Sirin Level 1 stat

Sirin Level 16 stat