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Coderella skill


Silvio skill
Photo of three cats
Name Silvio
Gentle Male
Race Demon
Body 174cm/62.6kg
Birthday 5 June
ID Student at Meta High School
Hero cost 288 gems
Coderella skill


Silvio skill
Photo of three cats
Silver Comet
Silvio charges his Seven_Star Sword when he moves or does normal attacks. After the sword is fully charged, his next normal attack will dash forward and deal additional equal to of the target. 

Photo of three cats
Star Bottle
Silvio drinks the special drink from his bottle, removes all controls from himself and g ains a shield that absorbs 150.0 damage and lasts 5s. Passive: The Seven_Star Sword has developed its own spirit. When Silvio takes normal attacks, the sword spirit has a 35% chance to strike back. The counterattack is seen as a normal attack and has a 3.0s CD. 

Photo of three cats
Instant Slash
Silvio draws his blade and slashes forward. He will move over a small distance and de al 160.0 Phy. Damage. The CD of Instant Slash will decrease by 1. 5s (to a minimum of 0.5s) if he hits an enemy Hero.  

Photo of three cats
Star Mastery
Silvio fully activates the power of the Seven.Star Sword, immediately resets the CD of " Instant Slash" and reduces its basic CD to 4s. While he casts "Instant Slash", Silvio can not be selected . The charging speed of normal attacks from "Silver Comet" is now do ubled and the is now 1.25 times as much. Lasts 7s.  
Coderella skill