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Sandy skill


Extraordinary Ones
Name Sandy
Gentle Female
Race Human
Body 155cm/42.0kg
Birthday 25 Jan
ID New World No.3 High School Student
Hero cost 288 gems


Photo of three cats
Maid's Mop
Sandy sits on a Maid's Mop that can track enemies. She gains 15% Move Speed for 2s when her skills hit an enemy.

Photo of three cats
Cleaning Wave
Sandy launches a cleaning wave to the front, dealing {lv1} to the enemies hit.

Photo of three cats
Summon Frog
Sandy summons the Fairy Frog to help her. The Fairy Frog will leap out of water after a short interval, knock enemies away and deal {lv1} .

Photo of three cats
Purifying Sphere
Sandy summons a huge Purifying Sphere above herself, shooting a max of 13 cleaning spheres to enemies with the lowest HP within the range over 4s. Each sphere will deal {lv1} to the enemy hit.  




Ability Effects



Cyan Finch