MJ skill


Silvio skill
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Name Plum
Gentle Male
Race Demon
Body 206cm/87.7kg
Birthday 1 May
ID plumber
Hero cost 288 gems
Garuda skill


Silvio skill
Photo of three cats
Dragon Body
Being a strong dragon, [[[Plum]]] has the ability to automatically heal himself and gain Mana. When he is out of combat, he will every second.  

Photo of three cats
Hammer Smash
[[[Plum]]] lifts his hammer and leaps toward the target, dealing {lv1} to the target and nearby enemies. Also slows enemy Heroes by 20% for 3s.

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Water Barrier
[[[Plum]]] summons two water dragons around himself, slowing nearby enemies and deal {lv1} every 0.5s. Damaging the same enemy 5 times will freeze it for 1s. He will also gain (4+Skill Level) Armor each time this skill hits an enemy (max 5 stacks).  

Photo of three cats
Bursting Water
[[[Plum]]] leaps into the sky and slams the ground, creating a water dragon to push forward, deal {lv1} to enemies on the path and knock them away.  
Garuda skill