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Muqam skill


Name Muqam
Gentle Male
Race Immortal
Body 186cm/78.7kg
Birthday 1 April
ID Office Worker Biker Gang Leader
Hero cost 9888 coins/488 gems


first skill
Muqam cannot use active gear, which is replaced by his special "To Work" skill. With this skill, Muqam can place a briefcase at his feet as his work place. After Muqam dies, he will appear at the briefcase location again as an office worker . As an office worker, Muqam cannot attack or be attacked. When the revival countdown ends, Muqam will be revived in his original location and return to his normal state. Hits from Muqam's normal attacks and nunchucks skills activate his Fighting Spirit, for a maximum of 10 stacks. Each stack increases his damage by 2%.

second skill
Muqam swirls his nunchucks to deal 105(+30% Phy.Bonus)Phy Damage to nearby enemies every 0.4s for 4s. During this time, he cannot use other attacks or skills, and his Move Speed is increased by 10%. This skill can Crit, trigger attack effects, and add stacks of Fighting Spirit. Hits from normal attacks reduce the CD of this skill by 0.5s. When in the Fury state, Muqam's Move Speed Bonus increases to 20%.

third skill
Double Strike
Muqam swirls his nunchucks at an enemy in front to carry out 2 attacks. Each attack deal 200(+40% Phy. Bonus) Phy. Damage and stuns the enemy for 0.3s. This skill can Crit, trigger attack effects, and add stacks of Fighting Spirit. Wheh in fury state, Muqam will attack 3 times.

ulti skill
Burn Rubber
Muqam selects a target point and rides his motorcycle on auto-pilot. During this time, he cannot attack or use skills. When the motorcycle arrives at the target point, hits an enemy Hero, or Muqam uses the skill again, the motorcycle crashes to deal 450(+140% Phy. Bonus)Phy.Damage to nearby enemies and knock them away. The same damage is dealt to minions and jungle mobs in the path, and they are also pushed to either side.
Awaken: Angered over the destruction of his beloved motorcycle, Muqam enters the Fury state for lOs and immediately gets 10 stacks of Fighting Spirit.




Ability Effects




TT Racer

Muqam Level 1 stat

Muqam Level 16 stat