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Name Minnie
Gentle Female
Race Demon
Body 175cm/46.7kg
Birthday 28 Dec
ID Thief/No. 3 High School Dance
Hero cost 288 gems
Extraordinary ones Minnie skill


Photo of three cats
Dark Flame
Minnie's right-hand gun, "Dark Flame" will . Each time she will steal (8+Lv/2) SP, up to 6 stacks. Her left-hand gun, "Nightmare" will . Each time she will steal 8% ATK Speed, up to 6 stacks. Minnie's normal attacks will deal (60 ).

Photo of three cats
Heart Thief
Minnie attacks a frontal sector using both guns, each shot deals {lv1} . When she hits an enemy, her passive will be triggered. During this skill, she can use skill 2 to phaseshift. Damage on the same enemy will diminish over time.

Photo of three cats
Dance Move
Minnie swiftly phases toward a selected direction, leaves an illusion behind and gains {lv1}% . This effect increases with her level. Tapping the skill again will take her back to the illusion's position.  

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Blooming Flowers
Minnie leaps into the air and falls down while shooting around, dealing {lv1} to the target area. She consumes all the stacks of SP or ATK Speed stolen (from passive), each stack will increase her damage by 6%. While channeling this skill, Minnie becomes immune to controls and interruption, and can be moved with left joystick or skill 2.  
Extraordinary ones Minnie skill