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Mercy skill


Extraordinary Ones
Name Mercy
Gentle Female
Race Immortal
Body 152cm/38.7kg
Birthday unknown
ID Head of the Heavenly Wishing Agency
Hero cost 288 gems


Photo of three cats
Power of the People
Mercy can improve her skill effects (to a maximum of 5 stacks) based on the number of nearby ally Heroes (including Mercy herself)

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Random Palm
Shoots a palm forward and damages enemies for {lv1} . The palm will return after reaching the end and deal the same damage again to enemies hit. If an enemy is damaged twice, it will be stunned for (0.8+0.1*(No. of Nearby Ally Heroes))s

Photo of three cats
All Hail Buddha
Mercy's next normal attack becomes enhanced, deals extra and protects all nearby ally Heroes with Buddha, reducing their damage taken by 35% for 3.5s. . (The enhanced normal attack will not be triggered as an Attack Effect)

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Lotus Shine
After a short delay, Mercy will heal ally Heroes within the range for {lv1}+{lv2}* , and deal {lv3}+ . This skill can contribute to skill 1's stun effect.  




Ability Effects



Cyan Finch