Marvel Super War release date confirmed

Marvel Super War release date

Many of us (Marvel Fans, Open Beta Test Players) curious about when will Marvel Super War release? After the Open Beta Test, the developers Marvel Studios and NetEase Games have kept low and we have not received any news about the game and it release date.

By 25 October 2019,Marvel Super War Official Facebook Page have finally announced that the game will launch its 2nd Beta test on November 21st! However, the game is still remain open for India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand ONLY. For the other players which live in other regions, have to wait for future notices. The other players user may use VPN in order to play the game.

Pre-registration of the game MARVEL Super War is launching now.The players who join in the pre-register event can unlock special rewards!

The following are the 🎁Pre-register rewards:
▶When the number hits Level 1, all players will receive 68 Crystals.
▶When the number hits Level 2, all players will receive Avatar Frame X 1.
▶When the number hits Level 3, all players will receive Item: Dark Star X 1.
▶When the number hits Level 4, all players will receive Skin: The Thing.
▶When the number hits Level 5, all players will receive Hero: Hawkeye.

Don't miss the chance, Go Pre-register Now at Google Play Store or Marvel Super War Website.