Marvel Super war Mantis wiki


Marvel Super war Mantis
HERO Mantis
ROLE Support
SPECIALTY Durability
COST 5888 coins/288 crystals




Ability Effects



Mantis skill
Perception (passive)
Mantis can see into the nearest brush within 600 yards, not including the brush she is currently in.

Life Drain
Mantis releases an energy shot in the specified direction, dealing 100 (+60% Energy Attack) energy damage to the enemy hit. If an enemy hero is hit, Mantis will also recover an extra 70 (+30% Energy Attack) HP.

Peaceful Lullaby
Mantis marks out a special zone lasting for 3 seconds, slowing enemies inside by 30%. Enemies who fail to escape this zone within 1 second will fall asleep for 1.5 seconds.

Psychic Empathy
Mantis comforts the designated friendly hero with a psychic connection. Both heroes will recover 20 (+10% Energy Attack) HP per second. Mantis will also pass 50% of any healing she receives to the target hero for 5 seconds during this time.  

Psychic Tether
Mantis forms a psychic tether between all nearby friendly heroes, boosting their dual resistances 20 for 6 seconds. 20% of damage received by tethered heroes will be split up and shared among their compatriots.