Marvel Super war Magneto wiki


Marvel Super war Magneto
HERO Magneto
CHARACTER Erik Lehnsherr
ROLE Energy
SPECIALTY Burst/Charge
COST 22888 coins/588 crystals




Ability Effects



Magneto skill
Electrosensitivity (passive)
Magneto’s basic attack following any ability will receive a range boost, deal an additional 10(+100% Physical Attack) (+30% Energy Attack) (+5*Level) energy damage, and replace a metal sphere behind the target. Magneto’s metal spheres can last for 6 seconds.

Master of Magnetism
Magneto telekinetically launches three metal spheres in the specified direction, which will only stop upon hitting an enemy at a cost of 120 (+50% Energy Attack) energy damage. An individual enemy can only be struck once.

Magnetic Radiation
Magneto fires a beam of magnetic radiation in the specified direction while forcefully scattering any nearby metal spheres. Enemies hit by either the radiation or metal spheres will take 100 (+55% Energy Attack) energy damage and a 2-second 30% slow.

Magnetic Force Field
Magneto summons a concentrated magnetic field of energy around himself to absorb 100(+45% Energy Attack) damage that lasts for 3 seconds. Magneto will also receive a 30% movement speed boost within 1.5 seconds after the magnetic shield takes effect.  

Magnetic Storm
Magneto recovers any metal spheres in range with powerful magnetic forces and creates a magnetic storm. Any enemy in the path will take 60(+30% Energy Attack) energy damage. be stunned for 1 second, and get knocked toward Magneto. Targets hit by multiple metal spheres will only take damage equal to 30% of the initial strike. Magneto will also receive a protective shield that absorbs 100(+45% Energy Attack) damage, which will last for 3 seconds/ Magneto’s movement speed under this shield is enhanced by 30%. Magneto releases a magnetic storm that lasts for 3 seconds after recovering the metal spheres, which will deal 60 energy damage every 0.5 seconds to enemies caught within, plus an extra 14% damage for every extra magnetic sphere that Magneto can recover.