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We may have a choice to resell our steam games

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MJ skill


Maddie skill
Photo of three cats
Name Maddie
Gentle Female
Race Demon
Body 169cm/51.0kg
Birthday 16 April
ID Investment company chairman
Hero cost 488 gems
Bio The CEO of an investment firm obsessed with hoarding real estate and gold.
Garuda skill


Silvio skill
Photo of three cats
Keep Smiling
50% chance to trigger "Keep Smiling" upon taking damage, increases DEF by 20% for 2s. This effect has a CD of 6s. [[[Maddie]]]'s normal attacks and skill 1 will apply "Seed of Fire" effect on enemies up to 4 stacks. Enemies under "Seed of Fire" will take continuous Phy. Damage. This effect is boosted by extra Phy. ATK Bonus.

Photo of three cats
Fan the Flames
[[[Maddie]]] charges toward a selected direction and swings her fan horizontally in a sector, dealing {lv1} and knocking enemies back. Also applies a stack of "Seed of Fire" (lasts 2s) on enemies and reduces the CD of [[[Flaming Tornado]]] by 3s. Her next normal attack will charge to the target and deal 50 .

Photo of three cats
Flaming Tornado
Ignites herself and creates a bursting fire circle on the ground, dealing {lv1} . Each enemy unit hit will increase [[[Maddie]]]'s ATK by 5% for 3s (up to 20%) and heal [[[Maddie]]] for 100 . This healing will increase when she hits more enemies, up to 250 HP. Enemies hit will be slowed by 20% and their DEF will be reduced by 10%.  

Photo of three cats
This skill has two stages. Casting the skill the 1st time: Enters an "Open Fire" mode, increases ATK by for 6s. Casting it the 2nd time: Swings her fan to the selected sector area to throw enemies into the sky, dealing {lv1} .  
Garuda skill