MJ skill


Silvio skill
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Name MJ
Gentle Male
Race Immortal
Body 188cm/72.1kg
Birthday 3 Sept
ID Singer
Hero cost 288 gems
MJ skill


MJ skill
Photo of three cats
Big Ego
MJ's extreme narcissism will make him puffed up. Every 4th normal attar: , he will unleash a Puff Attack to knock enemies away and deal Real Damage equal to Yo of their Max H . Every kill or assist will refresh the CD of Sonic Barrier.

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Fancy Steps
MJ dashes forward with fancy steps, dealing 200.0 Phy. Damage to enemies in front

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Sonic Barrier
MJ creates a Sonic Barrier with his voice, lasting ls. The barrier can -omaletely Mock the damage and debuff from next attack taken. When attacked, or whe n the barrier's duration ends, it will explode immediately to deal 160.0 Phy. Damage to nearby enemies. Blocking an enemy's attack succe ssfully will reduce the CD of Fancy Steps by 3s; Passive: MJ's obsession with m usic allows him to reduce the CD of Sonic Barrier by is each time his normal at tack hits a target.  

Photo of three cats
My Solo Stage 
MJ establishes a long stage to the front and slides forward.The stage will slow any enemies in it by 30%; when MJ jumps off the stage, he can cause 200.0 Phy. Damage to surrounding enemies and knock them away for a short time. Hitting an enemy hero will restore 25% of his ultimate's CD.   
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