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Lotus skill


Photo of three cats
Name Lotus
Gentle Male
Race immortal
Body 159cm/42.5kg
Birthday 1 Nov
ID Student of Meta World Peace High School
Hero cost 288 gems
Silvio skillLotus skill


Photo of three cats
Lotus loves sports. Moving some distance will enhance his next normal attack, dealing 100

Photo of three cats
Ring of Universe
Lotus hurls his Ring of Universe, dealing {lv1} to enemies on the path. It will slow down after hitting enemy Heroes or reaching the max distance, deal extra Phy. Damage and return to Lotus, dealing {lv1} again.

Photo of three cats
Windfire Wheels
Lotus slides forward on the Windfire Wheels, deals {lv1} to enemies on the path and blinds them for 1.2s.  

Photo of three cats
Armillary Sash
Lotus throws the Armillary Sash towards a designated direction. When the sash hits a wall or obstacle, it will pull Lotus to the position of the obstacle and deal {lv1} to enemies on the path.  
Lotus skill