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Loto skill


Name Loto
Gentle Female
Race Ghost
Body 172cm/61kg
Birthday 17 May
ID Lotus Baths Proprietress
Hero cost 9888 coins/488 gems


first skill
Bubble Bath
Every three times Loto casts a skill, she will gain an enhanced skill, "Fragrance of Forgetting", which lasts 3s and knocks away enemies hit Casting the enhanced "Fragrance of Forgetting" does not count as a stack for her passive. Lying in her specially-made floating bathtub, Loto can move freely while casting skills.

second skill
Fragrance of Forgetting
Loto releases a fragrance in a circular area around the target location. Enemy hit by the fragrance take 200(+40% Spell Bonus) SP Dmg and receive a "Forget Her" debuff that lasts 4s, during which time they take 40.0(+15% Spell Bonus) sustained SP Dmg every second and are slowed 25%. When an enemy affected by "Forget Her" casts any skill, they will take an additional 100(+20% Spell Bonus)SP Dmg and prolong the debuff by 1s. Enhanced Fragrance will also knock away enemies hit for ls.

third skill
Smoke Bubbles
Loto blows smoke bubbles, dealing 250(+50% Spell Bonus) SP Dmg to enemies in a straight line and applying the "Never Forget Me" debuff for 4s. When an enemy affected by "Never Forget Me" casts any skill, the debuff will be removed and the enemy will take an extra 150(+30% Spell Bonus) SP Dmg and be silenced for 1s.

ulti skill
Bubble Shroud
Loto selects a nearby ally Hero as a target and blows a bubble that bounces between ally Heroes. Each ally Hero hit gains a 550(+80% Spell Bonus) shield and their movement speed is increased 20% for 5s, for a max of 3 ally Heroes.
Awaken:The target is immune to controls at the moment her ultimate shield is activated. White the shield is active, Phy.DEF and SP DEF are each increased by 60 points.




Ability Effects




Neko Tea