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Lokey skill


Extraordinary Ones
Name Lokey
Gentle Male
Race Immortal
Body 126cm/24.4kg
Birthday 4 August
ID Famous Rich kids of the Esper City
Hero cost 288 gems


Photo of three cats
Lokey's skills will reduce the enemies' Defense for a while when they hit them. This effect can stack 3 times and will reduce Phy. and Spell Defense by 4/8/12, and a further 4 for every 4 more Hero Levels.

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Fist Trap
Places a Fist Trap on the ground that triggers immediately when enemy units get close. When triggered, knocks enemies within the range away and deals {lv1} . A max of 5 Fist Traps can exist at the same time.

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Explosive Color Mine
Places a mine that explodes 0.3s after enemies step on it. The explosion causes {lv1} . Multiple mines can be placed again within the area of a mine already deployed. Enemies attacked by mines will be dyed with colors and become visible for a while. The mines will not expire, but only up to 5 mines can be deployed at the same time. Old mines will automatically be destroyed when new mines are deployed. Mines will deal extra damage to turrets. [[[Lokey]]] can store 1 mine every 6s.

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Gravity Bomb
Lokey places a Gravity Bomb at the target location. After a 1s delay, it will pull all enemies toward the center and deal {lv1} .  




Ability Effects



Cyan Finch