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Silvio skillExtraordinary ones Kingfisher skill


Photo of three cats
Name Kingfisher
Gentle Male
Race Demon
Body 130cm/38.3kg
Birthday 13 March
ID Indigo Aquarium's curator
Hero cost 288 gems
Extraordinary ones Kingfisher skill


Photo of three cats
Aquarium Master
Kingfisher's ultimate can make him travel between the ground and underwater. When he's on the ground, his normal attacks will deal and deal equal to the target's . When he's underwater, he cannot perform normal attacks but will recover 1% of Max Mana every second.

Photo of three cats
Master Fountain
Kingfisher graciously splashes water, dealing {lv1} to surrounding enemies and slowing them by 25% for 2s. He heals himself for {lv2} HP when this skill hits an enemy.

Photo of three cats
Kingfisher swiftly dives forward and launches a normal attack to an enemy upon reaching the destination.

Photo of three cats
Seafood Galore
Kingfisher summons sea creatures under water to attack enemies, dealing {lv1} . If they have hit an enemy, the CD will be reduced by half. Enemies hit will lose {lv2} Armor.  
Extraordinary ones Kingfisher skill