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Katsuki Bakugo

Katsuki Bakugo

Name Katsuki Bakugo
Gentle Male
Race Human
Body 172cm/unknown kg
Birthday 20 April
ID Student
Hero cost ?coins/?gems


first skill
Explosive Character
Bakugo naturally has a fiery temper. He has a 15% Crit Rate but initially only does 150% Crit Damage. Every skill he uses increases the explosive power stored in his gloves, making the next normal attack deal Phy. Damage equal to 50+ Hero Level*10(+110% Phy. Bonus), storing up to 4 stacks. While in the air, Bakugo will acquire a new power to change the original form of his skills. Mid-air normal attacks will also deal Phy.Damage equal to 50+Hero Level*10(+140% Phy. Bonus), consuming 20 Energy, but ignoring ATK Speed. Hitting an enemy Hero recovers 10 Energy. After coming down out of the air, Bakugo immediately launches a normal attack that knocks the target back. Bakugo has 100 Energ y points, and regenerates 8 Energy each second. Defeating a Hero recovers 30 energy.

second skill
Explosive Leap
Bakugo uses his propulsion ability to push himself into the air. As he jumps, he deals 300.0(+90% Phy Bonus)Phy. Damage to surrounding enemies and slow s them 30%, which diminishes over 1.5s. Afterward, he naturally falls to the ground. Energy Cost: 20

third skill
Explosive Dash
Bakugo uses a backward blast from his fists to move forward a short distance. If in the air, he will shift a certain distance and his skills will ignore cooldowns. Energy Cost: 25

ulti skill
Plus Ultra
Bakugo Katsuki unlatches his gloves, eliminating his limitations. While grounded, he will use his gloves to blast enemies in front, dealing 320(+200% Phy Bonus)Phy.Damage and knocking them back. In mid-air, Bakugo Katsuki will accelerate downward, smashing into the ground to trigger a massive explosion in a circular area that deal 400(+200% Phy Bonus)Phy. Damage. Every 1% of enemy HP lost will increase the damage by 1%, up to 100%. Energy cost:40
Awaken: This skill does not consume energy




Ability Effects





Iggy & Pop Level 1 stat

Iggy & Pop Level 16 stat