Hidery skill


Name Hidery
Gentle Female
Race Demon
Body 120cm/22kg
Birthday 16 Aug
ID Disaster Relief Dept. Staff
Hero cost 9888 coins/488 gems


first skill
Hidery is adept at using the power of scorching heat 0.8s after killing an enemy, she detonates explosive damage at the target location, dealing 200(+60% Spell Bonus) AOE DMG to surrounding enemies. The damage increases by 15pts for every level Hidery gains. Can be triggered once every 5s. When Hidery passes through her skill's area of effect, she gains a 20% MOV SPD Bonus.

second skill
Blazing Sun
Summons a cruel sun to scorch the earth for 2.8s. Every 0.7s, enemies under the sun will take 180(+40% Spell Bonus) SP Dmg and be slowed. The base slow rate is 20%, which will increase up to 50% as they lose MP.

third skill
Creates a desert area and a sand sculpture for 5s. The sand sculpture prevents any units from passing, and when it rises up it knocks away enemies hit and d eats 350(+60% Spell Bonus) points of SP Dmg. Enemies in the desert lose 1% of current MP every 0.2s, and for every 5 units they move inside the desert, they lose an extra 1.5% of Max. MP. Hidery can get a sand sculpture every 9.0s, and can have up to 4 sand sculptures.

ulti skill
Summons a sandstorm at the target location for 3s. The storm gradually gets bigger and slowly moves toward the nearest enemy Hero. Every 0.5s, it deals 200+20% of target's MP lost(+50% Spell Bonus) SP Dmg.
Awaken: The sandstorm blinds enemies it hits inside the desert.




Ability Effects




Flower Dancer

Hidery Level 1 stat

Hidery Level 16 stat