Marvel Super war Jubilee wiki


Marvel Super war Jubilee
HERO Jubilee
ROLE Energy
SPECIALTY Burst/Charge
COST 22888 coins/588 crystals




Ability Effects



Jubilee skill
Fireworks (passive)
Every basic attack after the Jubilee uses an ability deals 20 (+100% Physical Attack) (+25% Energy Attack) energy damage to any enemies hit that are in range and applies one Firework mark on them.

Spark Show
Jubilee launches firework missiles in the specified direction, dealing 30 (+25% Energy Attack) energy damage every 0.4 seconds to hit enemy heroes. The target can be attacked up to 4 times, and Jubilee gains a shield that absorbs 30 (+25% Energy Attack) damage. The last attack deals 30 (+25% Energy Attack) energy damage to the target, stuns it for 1.5 seconds, and applies 1 Firework marks.
When the target is more than 900 yeards away from Jubilee, fireworks cease to attack the target.

Jubilee launches a firework attack in the specified direction, dealing 60 (+50% Energy Attack) energy damage to enemies close to her and applying 1 Firecracker marks. Jubilees deals 120 (+85% Energy Attack) energy damage to enemies at the edge of this ability’s range furthest from her and afflicts them with 2 Firecracker marks.

Shooting Star
Jubilee slides ahead in the specified direction for a short distance on her skateboard. This ability can be stored up to two times.  

Jubilee launches a myriad of fireworks in the specified direction, locking onto and attacking targets in range tagged with Firework marks to inflict on each target 2/3/4/5/6 attacks, depending on how many marks each target has. Each attack deals 70 (+20% Energy Attack) (+5% Target HP Lost) energy damage.
When a target more than 1500 yards from Jubilee, lock-on is deactivated.