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Iggy & Pop skill

Iggy & Pop

Name Iggy & Pop
Gentle Male
Race Demon
Body Always changing
Birthday 26 August
ID Fast Fun Chow taste taster
Hero cost 9888coins/488gems


first skill
Iggy gets "Hungry" when he goes a certain time without getting a kill or assist. While Hungry, Iggy & Pop get a 10% MOV SPD bonus and can smell enemy her oes within 150 yards, indicating the enemy's direction. After getting a kill or as sist, Iggy becomes "Full", making his body grow larger and increasing his Phy. and Spell DEF by 30 pts (This bonus increases by 5 pts every time Iggy & Pop level up).

second skill
Hurl Lollipop
Pop tosses out a giant lollipop 50 units in front of her, dealing 250.0(+100% Phy Bonus) points of Phy. Damage to struck targets and slowing them by 30% for 1.5s; The lollipop sticks in the ground, and when Iggy & Pop walks over it, it ca n eat it to immediately gain a shield that absorbs 220(+75% Phy Bonus)Phy damage, and recovers 50% of Lollipop Axe's CD. When sulking multiple targets, each additional target provides an extra 25% base shield damage, up to 4 targets.

third skill
Kin Combo
Pop waves her lollipop to tempt Iggy, granting a 30% ATK SPD bonus for a certain time. Pop's normal attacks will cause Iggy to chomp the lollipop, performing a Kin Combo enhanced normal attack that deals 150(+60% Phy. Bonus) Phy. Damage, up to 4 times.

ulti skill
Tongue Wrap
Iggy & Pop tries to wrap its tongue around an enemy, dealing(+120% Physical Bonus)points of Physical Damage; If successful, enemies that are struck will be pulled close to Iggy & Pop and dueled; the enemy's Phy. Atk and Spell Atk will also be reduced by 25%. While dueling, the enemy may not use active skills or activate gear. Iggy & Pop can use Combo Strike, lasts 2.5s.
Awaken: If the target dies during the duel,Slurp and Combo strike's CD are both refresh.




Ability Effects




Western Cowboy

Iggy & Pop Level 1 stat

Iggy & Pop Level 16 stat