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We may have a choice to resell our steam games

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Harvey skill


Harvey skill
Photo of three cats
Name Harvey
Gentle Male
Race Demon
Body 198cm/99.8kg
Birthday 18 June
ID Director of the law firm
Hero cost 288 gems
Garuda skill


Silvio skill
Photo of three cats
Silence Please
[[[Harvey]]] will throw a law book toward the target every 12s, slowing and silencing the unit. The book will deal additional equal to . The Slow Effect increases as [[[Harvey]]]'s level increases. (Will not be triggered as an Attack Effect)  

Photo of three cats
[[[Harvey]]] prepares for his objection up to 1.6s. He will deal {lv2} to {lv3} to the front and slow the targets hit. If , the enemies hit will also be stunned. During the objection process, [[[Harvey]]]

Photo of three cats
The King
[[[Harvey]]] ignores enemies, dealing {lv1} to nearby enemies. After hitting an enemy Hero, he will gain a Mighty Shield that absorbs {lv2}+Max HP(6%*No. of Heroes hit) damage for 5s. Also gains 10% Move Speed Bonus and reduces the CD of by seconds  

Photo of three cats
Secret Chamber
[[[Harvey]]] jumps to a defendant in the distance. When he lands, he will summon a and deal {lv1} to surrounding units. This skill can be re-activated and cast again within 4s. .  
Garuda skill