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Marvel Super war Groot wiki


Marvel Super war Groot
HERO Groot
ROLE Tank/Support
SPECIALTY Durability
COST 18888 coins/488 crystals




Ability Effects



Groot skill
Sapling (passive)
Groot can survive a K.O. in the form of Baby Groot. Baby Groot can move around, but cannot deal damage. Both friendly and enemy forces will be able to see Baby Groot, who will grow back to his normal self when enough time has passed.

Bark Stab
Groot extends his arms and stabs in the specified direction, dragging back the first enemy he hits to deal 90(+80% Energy Attack) energy damage and knock them upward for 0.6 seconds.

Branch Slap
Groot waves his arms for a frontal slap, dealing 60 (+40% Energy Attack) (+5% Target Max HP) energy damage to enemies caught within range and knocking them upward for 0.6 seconds.

Growing Pains
Groot sends out climbing vines toward all enemy heroes within 1200 yards, which after 1 second immobilize the targets for 1.6 seconds and deal 150 (+45% Energy Attack) energy damage.