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ASN Heroes

AP Heroes

Support Heroes


5V5 Battle Anime Moba made by NetEase Games!
Try different play styles and powerful heroic skills by choosing Assassin, Support, Special Ability Power and Team up with your friends to perform skill combo and carry the whole team to defeat enemy team.
❖ 56+ Anime Heroes with ombining eastern myths and modern anime art.
❖ After 12th level, Heroes will be awaken with strengthened skills and items.
❖ Sweet, narcissistic of Japanese voice actors.

Jinrui Gakuen currently 45 heroes as of this moment in Extraordinary Ones.
You can buy a new heroes with Coins, Gold or Gems.Skins of the Heroes can only be bought with Diamonds.
There are six type of Hero, which are AD, TANK, AP, ASN, ADC and SUP.

AD Heroes

Tank Heroes

ADC Heroes