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Extraordinary ones Elkii skill


Photo of three cats
Name Elkii
Gentle Male
Race Demon
Body 142cm/56.6kg
Birthday 3 April
ID Postman
Hero cost 288 gems
Extraordinary ones Elkii skill


Photo of three cats
[[[Elkii]]] gets ATK Bonus based on his Move Speed. Every 10 Move Speed will increase [[[Elkii]]]'s ATK by 7. When he is out of combat, he will every second.

Photo of three cats
Clueless Bash
[[[Elkii]]] gains an increasing Move Speed Bonus (54 to {lv1}). His next attack will kick the target back in his moving direction and deal extra {lv2} . If the target , it will also be stunned for 1s and take {lv3} .

Photo of three cats
Surprise Packet
[[[Elkii]]] hurls a gigantic parcel that stops everyone from passing, dealing {lv1} to nearby enemies. Passive: [[[Elkii]]] drops some parcels every now and then. These parcels can be picked up by allies. (at Lv1/6/12).  

Photo of three cats
You've Got Mail
[[[Elkii]]] quickly delivers a parcel to an enemy Hero (the delivery range increases with his level), ignoring all objects. All units on his path will be to the sides and take {lv1} .  
Extraordinary ones Elkii skill