Marvel Super war Ebony Maw wiki

Ebony Maw

Marvel Super war Ebony Maw
HERO Ebony Maw
ROLE Support
SPECIALTY Durability
COST 18888 coins/488 crystals




Ability Effects



Ebony Maw skill
Black Tongue (passive)
Enemy heroes damaged by Ebony Maw’s basic attacks and abilities will be marked with a 6-second Evil Whisper, at 3 marks the target to plunge into a state of Confusion.

Psychic Entity
Ebony Maw releases a psychic entity in the specified direction, which will deal 10(+5% Bonus Energy) energy damage to enemy heroes in its path. Ebony Maw can use it to psychically attach himself to friendly heroes suffering from Confusion who it makes contact with. The entity will start searching for a target host for another 4 seconds if it fails to hit anything suitable at the destination.

In a friendly hero host, speed will be increased by 20% for 2 seconds and bestows a shield that absorbs 120 (+75% Energy Attack) damage for 4 seconds. This can last up to 6 seconds. In an enemy hero host, speed will be reduced by 30% for 2 seconds while also dealing a further 10 (+5% Bonus Energy Attack) energy damage per second it remains attached. This can last for up to 4 seconds.

Ebony Maw can use this ability again to take an implant out of its host for a 30% speed boost which lasts 2 seconds.

Ebony Maw summons his enormous psionic powers in the specified location, dealing 70 (+55% Energy Attack) energy damage to enemies in the area. These forces will explode after 1 second, dealing a further 50 (+35% Energy Attack) energy damage to nearby enemies while also restoring 70 (+40% Energy Attack) HP to the weakest nearby friendly hero. This ability will behave differently if Ebony Maw is attached to a host.

Ebony Maw telepathically strikes in the specified direction, dealing 100 (+65% Energy Attack) energy damage for 2 seconds to the first enemy hero struck while charming the hero for another 1 second. Enemy heroes in a state of confusing will suffer much more, empowering Ebony Maw’s ability to affect enemy heroes around the target as well. The area impacted by this ability will change if Ebony Maw is attached to a host.  

Dark Burst
Ebony Maw spends some time focusing his dark energy into an enormous explosion of telekinetic energy, smashing nearby enemies with 150 (+40% Energy Attack) energy damage and a 50% slow for 2 seconds after Ebony Maw uses the ability again or spends 3 seconds concentrating his powers to the limit. The explosion will also knock enemies up if Ebony Maw has had more than 2 seconds to prepare. Damage increases with the length of time Ebony Maw has to concentrate his powers, up to 2x strength.
This ability may be used when Ebony Maw is attached to a host.