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Dracula skill


Name Dracula
Gentle Male
Race Demon
Body 176cm/66.6kg
Birthday 31 October
ID A student at NW#3 High School
Hero cost 9888coins/488gems


first skill
Foodie Nature
When an enemy Hero dies,delicious food or expired food will randomly be left on the ground. When Dracula pick up delicious food, he will recover 5% of his Max HP. When he is weak, Dracula will become more hungry. The lower Dracula's HP is, the more effective his Foraging Dash and Flittering Bats skills will become(max 40% stronger).

second skill
Expired Food
Dracula tosses out an expired bread.Targets hit will start bleeding,dealing 30(+20% Phy Bonus)Phy Damage per second for 5s. If hit with expired food again while in this weakened state, the bleeding will be interrupted and the target will be dealt 240(+140% Phy Bonus)Phy Damage and stunned for 1s. In Vampire Form, targets hit will suffer an additional 120(+60% Phy Bonus)Phy Damage and be slowed 30% for 2s. Dracula gets an expired bread every 9s.

third skill
Foraging Dash
Passive: Dracula's bloodline energy fully charges every 7s. Detonates when enemies are nearby, dealing 100(+100% Phy. Bonus)Phy Damage to enemies within range.
Active: Dracula shifts a very small distance toward the target and releases his bloodline energy, dealing 180(+100%Phy Bonus)Phy Damage to enemies within range and recovering HP equal to 50+20% of the skill damage. If a stunned Hero is hit, it will also rest the CD of Foraging Dash. Recovers HP equal to 50+50% of skill damage while in Vampire Form

ulti skill
Flitterring Bats
Dracula releases all his bats on the spot to obtain 15% DMG Reduction and dea1 90.0(+65% Phy Bonus)Phy. Damage to enemies in a circular area around him every 0.6s. The target is also stunned, and Dracula recovers 30% of the damage dealt as HP. After 3s he changes into Vampire Form, and normal attacks come in 2 stages, each stage dealing 70% of the original damage. For 7s, he gai ns a 15% Move Speed Bonus, and his Foraging Dash and Expired Food skills are enhanced.
Awaken: While in Vampire Form, when he is knocked down, he will not die but will instead return to his original form and recover 1500 HP. For each level he gains, Dracula will recover an extra 100HP. TEST




Ability Effects





Dracula Level 1 stat

Dracula Level 16 stat