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Doc Yang skill

Doc Yang

Extraordinary Ones
Name Doc Yang
Gentle Female
Race Demon
Body 169cm/50.0kg
Birthday 22 May
ID Psychologist
Hero cost 288 gems


Photo of three cats
Counting Sheep
Doc Yang's hypnotizing skills can put people into sleep without being realized. Doc Yang's skills have a 40% chance to turn enemies hit into a little sheep for 1s. This effect will only be triggered once every 6s on each enemy.

Photo of three cats
Wonder Dream
Doc Yang summons the Wonder Dream at the target area. Little sheep will jump out after a 0.6s delay, damaging enemies within the area for {lv1} while putting them to sleep for 1s. (The sleep effect will be removed once attacked)

Photo of three cats
Doc Yang casts psychological suggestions to nearby ally Heroes, increasing their ATK Speed by {lv1}% and Move Speed by 25%. Their normal attacks will also deal extra {lv3} . This effect lasts {lv2}s. Doc Yang's normal attacks have a 15% chance to put targets to sleep during this time.

Photo of three cats
Doc Yang summons an Inception Space around her that lasts 4s. The Inception Space will deal {lv1} to surrounding enemies every 0.5s.  




Ability Effects



Cyan Finch