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Name Dhrtar
Gentle Female
Race immortal
Body 178cm/55.3kg
Birthday 7 Feb
ID ReV member
Hero cost 288 gems
Silvio skillRocket skill


Photo of three cats
Each time Dhrtar's skills hit a Hero, she will recover 10% of Mana lost. Each time her skills hit a non-Hero unit, she will recover 5% of Mana lost. This effect has a 0.1s CD.

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Sonic Slash
After charging for a short time, casts a Sonic Slash that deals {lv1} .

Photo of three cats
Sonic Circle
Active: After casting the Sonic Circle, three roses will orbit around Dhrtar. Each rose will create a small explosion and disappear after hitting an enemy unit, causing {lv1} . The roses will last up to 6s. Passive: Dhrtar's skills will create a "Resonance" effect after hitting an enemy. This effect lasts 8s and can stack up to 3 times; when it reaches 3 stacks, the target will immediately take {lv2} and be slowed for 2s.  

Photo of three cats
Getting better
Dhrtar shifts toward the direction she's aiming and deals (+50% Spell Bonus)Spell Damage after the shift. This skill can be cast again after 5s, up to 3 times. If an enemy Hero is hit, the CD of this skill will reduce by 2s, and her Move Speed will increase by 20% for 2s. After each shift, Dhrtar will gain one stack of "Getting Better" effect. Each stack will radditionally adds(+30% Spell Bonus+3% of Max Mana)Real Damage to the Resonance effect. Each shift consumes 25% of Max Mana. Awaken: The CD of the 2nd and 3rd shifts becomes 3s.  
Rocket skill