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Marvel Super war Deadpool wiki


Marvel Super war Deadpool
HERO Deadpool
ROLE Fighter
SPECIALTY Burst/Charge
COST 22888 coins/588 crystals




Ability Effects



Deadpool skill
Can’t Touch This! (passive)
Passive: Deadpool gets a 2-second 40% movement speed boost after changing modes. If he hits an enemy hero with ability during this time, the boost is prolonged.
Passive – Immortality: Deadpool is cursed to never die and will always have 0 KOs displayed.

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN (Dual Blades Form)
Deadpool charges in the specified direction, attacking enemies in the path twice, each dealing 50(+50% Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage.

Deadpool slices up a storm, endowing him with as much as 90% or as little as 20% damage resistance depending on how far through this move he is. Deadpool is immune to control effects while charging this ability and will also deal 30(+25% Bonus Physical Attack) energy damage to anyone nearby for 2 seconds. Deadpool can’t perform basic attacks while parrying.

YO CAN’T HIDE! (Dual Blades Form)
Deadpool strikes the specified enemy hero to deal 40(+40% Bonus Physical Attack)(+10% Target HP Lost) physical damage and a 0.75-seconds knock-up effect. He also knocks back enemies near the target, dealing 30(30% Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage and a 1-second 40% slow effect.  

BANG! BANG! BANG!(Dual Blades Form)
Deadpool somersaults in the specified direction while firing two volleys, entering Dual Pistols mode. Each Volley will deal (65% Physical Attack) physical damage to its target. Deadpool cannot be targeted while he is in the air.