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Marvel Super war Corvus Glaive wiki

Corvus Glaive

Marvel Super war Corvus Glaive
HERO Corvus Glaive
ROLE Fighter
SPECIALTY Burst/Charge
COST 12888 coins/388 crystals




Ability Effects



Corvus Glaive skill
Soul Blade (passive)
Soul Charge: 50% of the damage received by Corvus Glaive gets stored and converted by his glaive into dark soul matter. Soul matter will not dissipate after you take damage, but will weaken by 100 every 1 second if it exceeds Corvus Glaive’s own max HP by 15%. Corvus Glaive will be reborn after 4 seconds if dealt a fatal blow while holding some soul matter, reviving with HP equivalent to the matter he held just before his demise. Cooldown is 210 seconds.
Corvus Glaive’s next basic attack after a 12- second interval will deal an extra 20 (+4*Level)(+35% Physical Attack) energy damage. The cooldown will be shortened by 4 seconds if Corvus manages to strike an enemy hero with one of his abilities.

Edge of Demise
Corvus Glaive slashes in the specified direction, dealing 20 (+60% Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies struck by the blade’s hilt and 40 (+120% Physical Attack) physical damage plus a 1-second slow of 40% to those struck by its edge. Corvus Glaive will recover 30 (+10% HP Lost) HP for every enemy hero stuck by the edge of his blade, but only for up to 3 heroes per strike.
Corvus Glaive can use this ability again within 4 seconds to spear anyone in his way. Enemies struck will be hit with 40 (+100% Physical Attack) physical damage plus his basic attack. Damage from this deadly strike increases by 10% for every enemy hero struck, up to 3 times.

Dark Shadow
Corvus Glaive charges in the specified direction, dealing 50 (+40% Physical Attack) (+8% Target Max HP) physical damage to any enemies in his path. Corvus Glaive’s charge will be interrupted upon striking an enemy hero, who he will throw over his shoulder.

Deadly Abyss
Corvus Glaive leaps to the specified area, dealing 100(+70% Physical Attack) damage to any nearby enemies and leaving a black hole behind. This black hole will explode after 1.2 seconds, pulling nearby enemies to its center while dealing 100 (+70% Physical Attack) physical damage and a 1-second slow of 40%.