Marvel Super war Cloak Dagger wiki

Cloak & Dagger

Marvel Super war Cloak & Dagger
HERO Cloak & Dagger
CHARACTER Tyrone Johnson/Tandy Bowen
ROLE Support
SPECIALTY Durability
COST 12888 coins/388 crystals




Ability Effects



Cloak & Dagger skill
Shadowing (passive)
Cloak blasts the targets of Dagger’s basic attacks with energy shots, dealing 6 (+2*Level) (+15% Energy Attack) energy damage while also obtaining one Lifepower stack, which lasts for 15 seconds.

Light Daggers
Dagger hurls light daggers in the specified direction, dealing 100 (+55% Energy Attack) energy damage to enemies in the path and slowing them by 20% for 1 second. If a dagger hits an enemy hero, she will receive one Lifepower for 15 seconds. Dagger can collect up to 3 Lifepowers at once.

Living Light
Dagger expends all her Lifepower to recover 90 (+45% Energy Attack) HP for herself and any nearby friendly heroes. Every additional Lifepower will provide an extra 15 (+10% Energy Attack) healing.

Dark Fear
Cloak flies over and creates a dark energy field in the specified area for 1.5 seconds. Any enemies caught within this field will take 100 (+40% Energy Attack) energy damage and enemy heroes will be silenced. Enemy heroes still within the field when it dissipates will be imprisoned for 1.5 seconds.  

Darkforce Dimension
Cloak flies over and takes the specified friendly hero into the Adrkforce Dimension and then their base after 1.2 seconds, leaving only a portal where they were standing, and fully restoring the hero’s HP. The hero will come back through this portal after 0.3 seconds to where they originally were.