Lotus skill


Photo of three cats
Name Chester
Gentle Male
Race Demon
Body 181cm/66.3kg
Birthday 15 Oct
ID Student of Meta World Peace High School
Hero cost 288 gems
Lotus skill


Photo of three cats
The chess piece "Guard" will keep orbiting around Chester to protect him. "Guard" provides Chester with a shield that absorbs 200 damage. When the shield is broken, "Guard" will fly to the source of damage, deal 10*Hero Lv+ and reduce target's Move Speed by 60% (diminishing over 2s). "Guard" is refreshed every 18s.

Photo of three cats
Chester summons two chess pieces, "Rook", at the target positions. After a short delay, two "Rooks" will head toward each other, pushing enemies on the path to the center and deal {lv1} . Both Rooks will explode upon contact, enemies affected by the explosion will take {lv2} and be pushed further away from Chester for a short distance and stunned for 0.5s.

Photo of three cats
Chester launches a chess piece, "Cannon", to the front. "Cannon" will explode upon hitting a unit, deal {lv1} and cause an explosion behind the target hit. Enemies hit by the explosion will take {lv2} . The first target hit will not be affected by the explosion damage. "Cannon" may trigger an explosion by hitting any chess pieces from Chester's other skills.  

Photo of three cats
Chester summons chess pieces "Knight" to move forward, hitting the enemies on the path multiple times and knocking them back. Each hit causes {lv1} .  
Lotus skill