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New KFC PC Games have been released

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We may have a choice to resell our steam games

French court have ruled that Steam users have the right to resell their games. The video game resale market has always been a source of contention, but

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Lotus skill


Photo of three cats
Name Chang'e
Gentle Female
Race immortal
Body 132cm/25.8kg
Birthday 20 June
ID New World No.3 High School Student
Hero cost 288 gems
Lotus skill


Photo of three cats
Rage Doll
[[[Chang'e]]]'s bunny doll will wake up and gain new skills and ultimate when [[[Chang'e ]]] is asleep. Each time an enemy is hit by skills under the [[[Chang'e]]] form, the CD of "Asleep" will decrease by 1s

Photo of three cats
Earth Shatter
[[[Raby]]] slams the ground with both fists, dealing {lv1} . Each enemy Hero hit will be slowed and recover for him

Photo of three cats
[[[Raby]]] runs wild and deals {lv1} to enemies on the path. [[[Chang'e]]]'s next normal attack will be able to knock enemies away  

Photo of three cats
Thousand Fists
[[[Raby]]] quickly punches forward 9 times within a short time, each hit deals {lv1} and heals himself for of each time an enemy Hero is hit.  
Lotus skill