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Cassie skill


Extraordinary Ones
Name Cassie
Gentle Female
Race Ghost
Body 150cm/0.0kg
Birthday 18 July
ID Ghost
Hero cost 288 gems

Cassie Skill

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Ghost Shadow
Cassie can recover 0.5% of Max HP every second, and provide the same ability to her host.

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Nether Fire
Cassie shoots rapid-flying Nether Fire forward, dealing {lv1} to the target hit, slowing it by 50% and inflicting Spell Damage equal to 5% of target's Max HP. Every 200 SP of Cassie will increase this percentage by a further 1%. This skill's CD will decrease by 1s if it successfully hits an enemy.

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Nether fog

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Ghost Possession
Cassie transforms into Nether Fire and possesses an ally Hero. During the possession, Cassie cannot move, cast normal attacks, use portal or amazing items.  




Ability Effects



Cyan Finch