MJ skill


Silvio skill
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Name Brella
Gentle Female
Race Immortal
Body 171cm/48.4kg
Birthday 15 Feb
ID Core Member of "ReV" Group
Hero cost 488 gems
Garuda skill


Silvio skill
Photo of three cats
Hidden Danger
Brella's umbrella is also a gun. Each time she casts a skill, her next normal atta ck will become an unexpected ranged attack that deals additional 30 25% Ph y. Bonus) Phy. Damage. (The enhancement will not be triggered as an Attack E ffect)  

Photo of three cats
Umbrella of Universe
Brella opens the "Umbrella of Universe" to push enemies away and deal 180.0 +70% Phy. Bonus Phy. Damage. The umbrella will also protect her. While the u mbrella is open, she is invulnerable and will reflect all projectile attacks that hi t the umbrella. This effect will last up to ls. She is able to move under this effec t, but any normal attacks or skills cast will terminate the effect.  

Photo of three cats
Brilliant Dash
Charges forward with the umbrella, deals 100.0 60% Phy. Bonus) Phy. Damag 2 to enemies on the path and recovers 150 +80% Extra Phy. Bonus) HP. After th is skill is cast, it can be cast again within 4s.  

Photo of three cats
Explosive Art
Shoots a special explosive bullet to the front that explodes upon hitting an ene my Hero or reaching its destination, dealing 190.0 -80% Phy. Bonus) Phy. Dam age to enemies within the area and slowing them by 30% over 2s. Lane mobs a nd jungle mobs on the path will take half of the damage. A special explosive b ullet will be consumed each time this skill is cast. Brella will make one pullet e very 15s and store up to 3 bullets. ,,waken: Each time she scores a kill or assist, Cress will retrieve materials row the enemy's body and create a special butte t immediately  
Garuda skill