Big B skill

Big B

Big B skill
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Name Big B
Gentle Male
Race Demon
Body 200cm/888kg
Birthday 28 Nov
ID Amusement Park Mascot
Hero cost 288 gems
Garuda skill


Silvio skill
Photo of three cats
Bear Power
[[[Big B]]] is born with great strength. His normal attacks will deal extra (his Max HP - enemy's Max HP)*4.5% on enemy Heroes. [[[Big B]]] has a slow ATK Speed. Thanks to the supervision of his alarm clock, each time his skill hits, [[[Big B ]]]'s ATK Speed will greatly increase for 3s (diminishing over time).  

Photo of three cats
Alarm Shock
[[[Big B]]]'s alarm clock starts to charge (up to 5s). While charging up, he can stop any time to unleash the blast, or automatically unleash the blast when the charging reaches 5s. The Alarm Shock will deal {lv1} to nearby enemies in the area. Enemies will take more extra damage when the charging duration is longer. When he has charged for 4s, the blast will slow enemies, reducing their Move Speed by 20% for 2s. The extra damage will also reach the maximum: 320 .

Photo of three cats
Belly Bombard
[[[Big B]]] pushes forward with his belly, knocks enemies on the path away and deals {lv1} . If he hits enemy units, he will gain a shield that blocks {lv2}(+5% of Max HP) damage. The shield lasts a max of 2s.  

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Bear Bullet Tank
[[[Big B]]] starts to charge forward as his alarm rings. The running speed will increase over time until hitting an enemy Hero, causing stun and {lv1}+(6% of own Max HP) in an area. The damage increases as his speed increases; if [[Big B]]] charges to a wall or building, he will stop and be stunned instead.  
Garuda skill