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Azure skill

Green Dragon

Name Azure
Gentle Male
Race Message Deleted
Body 184cm/???kg
Birthday Unknown
ID Bioresearch Lab specimen No. 01
Hero cost 13888coins/454 gems


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Jade Dragon
Azure's weapon transforms as if it was living. Its base range is fairly short,but with each skill cast,the weapon is charged up,and the next attack will have a longer fixed ranged,firing a piercing shot on a straight line of enenmies,dealing 100+5*Hero Lv (+100%Phy.Bonus)Phy Damage. When the skill hits an enemy hero, it will implant a parasitic seed. After reaching 4 levels, the parasitic seed will detonate, and giving the green dragon a shield worth of 120 (+ 60% physical bonus) (+ 60% spell bonus) shield for 5 Second, at the same time Azure regains 30 energy. For every 100 additional points of maximum mana provided by Azure's equipment, his max energy increased by 3 points.

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Scale Stab
Unleashes a roundhouse kick and shoots out Dragon Scales as blades to attack enemiees in a frontal sector, dealing 100(+60% Phy Bonus)Phy Damage and 220(+90% Spell Bonus)Spell Damage,plus a 30% slow down for 1s and a 0.4s stun to close-range targets.

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Green Grenade
Throws out a hand grenade and at the same time rolling a short distance to the direction of the left joystick. The hand grenade explodes after a delay, and dealing 120(+ 80% physical bonus) physical damage and 270(+ 110% spell bonus) spell damage to enemies within range. This skill adds 2 stacks of Parasite Species to enemy heroes that hit by the grenade.

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Dragon Leap
Turns into a green dragon and leaps to the specified location, causing damage to the enemies in his path. During the leap, skill damage keeps increasing and consuming energy during the displacement process. The base damage is 50(+ 20% physical bonus) physical damage and 120(+ 50% spell bonus) spell damage. The base energy consumption is 20 and for every 30m leap ,base damage increases by 100% and energy cost increase 20 points. This skill cannot be used if the energy is below 20. Azure was invulnerable during the leap. Passive: Energy automatically recovers 1 point per second.Normal attack provide 2 energy for each hit on minions and jungle mobs, and 3 energy for hitting enemy heroes. Piercing shot restore 5 energy for each enemy hero hit. Awakening effect: Killing an enemy heroes restores 30 energy.  




Ability Effects




Iron Dragon

Green Dragon Level 1 stat

Green Dragon Level 16 stat