Marvel Super war Rocket Angel wiki


Marvel Super war Angel
HERO Angel
CHARACTER Warren Worthington III
ROLE Marksman
SPECIALTY Burst/Charge
COST 22888 coins/588 crystals


Flechettes (passive)
Angel’s every 5 basic attack launches another two feathers for 30% extra basic damage.

Passive: Enemies struck by Angel’s basic attacks or Sacred Feathers will be marked with one Original Sin. All marks will be expunged from the target by one basic attack from Angel after 4 marks have been accumulated, dealing 10 (+80% Physical Attack) physical damage.
Active: Angel enhances his own attack speed by 40% for 4 seconds.
Judgment metamorphosis: A percentage of HP already lost by the target will be converted into true damage when Original Sin is triggered.

Sacred Feathers
Angel releases five feathered assaults on nearby enemies, each dealing 60 (+45 Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage but this is weakened to 25% when striking the same target more than once. These feathered attacks can inflict up to one Original Sin per enemy.
Sacred Feathers metamorphosis: The number of feathers is increased to nine, and if three or more feathers strike the same target, then Angel can inflict one extra Original Sin. Hitting the enemy with basic attacks will help to reduce this ability’s cooldown.

Holy Vestiges
Angel charges in the specified direction. Holy Vestiges metamorphosis: Triggering Original Sin will refresh the cooldown on this ability.  

Angel’s Coming
Passive: Angel can select a further ability to undergo metamorphosis every time Angel’s Coming is leveled up.
Active: Angel takes flight and heads squarely for the specific enemy hero, dealing 100 (+50% Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage and a 50% slow for 2.5 seconds. He also erects a shield to absorb 200(+120% Bonus Physical Attack) damage while gaining a 20% speed boost for 2 seconds.




Ability Effects