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Alpha White skill

Alpha White

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Name Alpha White
Gentle Female
Race Demon
Body 170cm/47.3kg
Birthday 30 Sept
ID New World No.3 High School Student
Hero cost 288 gems
Alpha White skill


Photo of three cats
Sword Spirit
"Sword Shadow" and "Triple Graduation" will deal (40+5*Hero Lv+25% Phy. Bonus) to targets marked by Sword Spirit. When Alpha White scores a kill or assist, she will gain a 50% Move Speed Bonus that diminishes over 5s.  

Photo of three cats
Quick-draw Wind
Alpha White puts her hand on the hilt to prepare for up to 2.5s. During the preparation, she moves 20% faster. After charging up, she will unleash the sword toward the direction selected and cause {lv1} to enemies and apply "Sword Spirit" on them. This damage increases as she charges longer (up to 200% after she has charged for at least 1s). This skill will enter a 3s CD if canceled.

Photo of three cats
Sword Shadow
Alpha White moves swiftly toward the selected direction and slashes with her blade, dealing {lv1} to enemies on the path. Enemies under the effect of "Sword Spirit" will be stunned for a short time and trigger passive damage when hit.  

Photo of three cats
Triple Graduation
Alpha White charges toward a direction and uses "Graduation Slash" to deal {lv1} . Enemies affected with "Sword Spirit" will take extra damage. Two sidekicks will then appear to deal {lv2} in Alpha White