All Might skill

All Might

Name All Might
Gentle Male
Race Members
Body 220cm/225kg
Birthday 10 June
ID Pro Hero U.A.Instructor
Hero cost Mall Contract


first skill
Symbol of Peace
After All Might casts a skill, his next normal attack will be transformed into a large-area, enhanced attack, dealing (+125% Phy Bonus)(+6% Max HP)Phy.Damage. Every time the enhanced normal attack hits a unit, it will reduce the CD of Hero Dash by 1s.

second skill
Shoulder Throw
All Might charges to an enemy and throws it over his shoulder, knocking them back for 0.3s, then stunning them for 0.7s, and dealing 200.0 (70% Phy Bonus)(+4% Max HP)points of Phy. Damage to enemies in the area.

third skill
Hero Dash
All Might dashes forward, increasing his Phy. DEF and Spell DEF by 15.0 for 3s.

ulti skill
After casting, enters a "Break Through" state for 8s. Resets the CD of "Hero Dash". While in "Break Through", this skill can be cast again to launch "Detroit Smash", which after charging for a short time, deals 400.0 (+80% Phy Bonus)(+8% Max HP)Phy. Damage to a large area, knocks away enemies and immediately ends the "Break Through" state. You are invulnerable during the second attack of "Detroit Smash".
Awaken : While casting the second attack of "Detroit Smash", you obtain a 50% Damaged Reduction effect




Ability Effects





All Might Level 1 stat

All Might Level 16 stat