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7723 skill


Name 7723
Gentle -
Race Unaffiliated
Body 200cm/1500-2000kg
Birthday Unknown
ID Next-gen Super-AI Robot
Hero cost 16888coins


first skill
Missile Barrage
Project 77 will launch 5 missiles every 10s at nearby enemies, each missile dealing 40(+40% Phy Bonus)(+2% of Max HP)Phy Damage, also lowering enemy Armor 4% with each hit. Damage will gradually reduce for repeated hits on the same target to 50%.

second skill
Plasma Shield
Project 77 heals 200(+50% Phy Bonus)(HP) for nearby teammates and activates a Plasma Shield that last 2s. After the shield expires, Project 77 will recover HP equal to 40% of the damage taken while the shield is active (no more than 50% of Max HP)

third skill
Jet Dash
Project 77 dashes toward a selected direction. Its next 3 normal attacks are enchanced, and the first will deal an additional 100 damage, also dealing a 70% slow on the enemy that wears off over 1.5s. The second and third will deal an additional 150(+20% Phy Bonus)(+1% its Max HP) as Phy Damage. The enhanced first normal attack can reduce Misiile Barrage's CD by 3s.

ulti skill
Laser Beam
Project 77 activates two powerful laser beams, recovering 220(+6% of Max HP),and dealing 180(+40% Phy Bonus)(+4% of Max HP) Phy Damage to each enemy hit, while will diminish up to 50% when hitting the same enemy multiple times.
Awaken: The laser beam will silence enemies for 1.5s.




Ability Effects





7723 Level 1 stat

7723 Level 16 stat